Hivemind Appoints Senior Team for Next Phase of Growth

Press Release

LONDON, 18 June 2018 - Hivemind, a data science and technology company offering a cloud-based platform for solving complex unstructured data problems, has named several Winton employees to its team in full-time roles.

Their number include: Daniel Mitchell, who ran a team of data scientists at Winton and becomes Hivemind’s Chief Executive; former Winton business development SVP Henrik Grunditz, who becomes Chief Revenue Officer; and Mark Roulston, formerly a Managing Director in Winton’s research team and now Senior Data Scientist at Hivemind.

Hivemind’s employees will together own 25% of Hivemind’s equity, with the remainder held by Winton. Winton will also continue to be a client of Hivemind, which began offering services to third parties a year ago. In due course, Hivemind intends to expand its list of external clients and to raise external capital to fuel its continuing growth.

Hivemind’s board of directors will include Winton Founder and CEO David Harding, Geoff Cross, a Winton Managing Director, and Daniel Mitchell.

David Harding, Winton’s Founder and CEO, said: “We’re delighted that Hivemind has taken the next step in its development. By separating the company from Winton’s core investment business, we intend to make Hivemind’s data science expertise available to a wider market, and to unlock the value we believe exists in the business.”

Daniel Mitchell, Hivemind’s CEO, said: “Companies today are grappling with the growth in unstructured data, such as text, video or images. Hivemind’s cloud-based platform efficiently structures this data so that companies can process and analyse it.

“Having been involved in Hivemind’s development since it was first conceived, I’m thrilled that Winton has given us the opportunity and support we need to accelerate the company’s growth.”


About Hivemind:
Originally conceived as a research capability within global investment management and data science company Winton Group, Hivemind was created for the industrial-scale collection, cleaning, and enrichment of data. Hivemind’s development proved transformational for Winton, and today the majority of its
large-scale research projects use Hivemind’s cloud-based platform.

The platform’s success and flexibility resulted in Hivemind being incorporated in 2017 as a separate company offering services to third parties. Examples of ways that clients have used the Hivemind platform include research data collection, the creation of machine learning training data and crowdsourced image annotation.


About Winton:

Winton is a global investment management and data science company. Founded in 1997 by its CEO David Harding, Winton’s business is grounded in the belief that the scientific method can be profitably applied to the field of investing. The firm aims to help savers and institutional clients meet their investing goals by
building intelligent, long-term investment systems that evolve as markets change.

As a systematic investment manager, Winton uses tools drawn from data science and advanced technology to identify subtle patterns in the behaviour of financial markets. Winton employs around 350 people in eight offices around the world and manages approximately $30 billion of assets for many of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, banks and fund platforms.


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