Solutions Overview

Hivemind builds advanced data science tools that unlock transformative insights from unstructured or even unrecorded data. Our products combine computational techniques with distributed human intelligence, covering the full spectrum from unstructured documents to the unrecorded collective wisdom of crowds.

Unstructured Data

Hivemind Studio

We know that good business decisions require clean, pertinent data. But what if the data you need is buried deep inside a mountain of unstructured raw material?

Hivemind Studio is a powerful cloud-based solution to a range of complicated data extraction, data enrichment, and data quality problems. By breaking seemingly intractable problems down into chains of simple tasks, Hivemind enables these to be solved through an efficient combination of human or computational methods.

  • Create unique and highly targeted datasets from disparate unstructured sources

  • Save time spent by specialist employees on trivial data tasks

  • Distribute tasks to computational agents or human workforces combining internal, outsourced, or crowdsourced contributors.

  • Integrate with existing workflows through our REST API

Unrecorded Data


Hivemind AGORA

What if the data you’re after hasn’t even been recorded yet? Sometimes, the insight we really want is locked up inside the minds of people.

Hivemind Agora is an advanced prediction market platform that distils collective human intelligence into structured probabilistic forecasts.

  • Elicit actionable predictions from the unrecorded knowledge of employees, experts, or the general public

  • Create prediction markets in continuous variables, across multiple dimensions