Does your research or analytics involve unstructured source data like news, annual reports, and regulatory filings? Is the majority of research time spent on data preparation rather than analysis? Hivemind can help.

Hivemind is a data science and technology company specialising in the application of human and machine intelligence to complex unstructured data problems. Our cloud-based platform breaks challenging projects down into simple, independent tasks, while helping you mobilise the human resources needed to complete them.

Why Hivemind?

  • Configure your project and its associated tasks using the web-based Hivemind Studio, or directly via our API
  • Hivemind atomises projects into chains of simple, independent units of work that can be distributed to humans at scale
  • Your project contributors pick from a menu of automatically prioritised tasks, completing them according to your instructions
  • Hivemind's integrated consensus-based data quality controls ensure the integrity of the final dataset

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