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Daniel Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As a co-founder and CEO of Hivemind, Dan spends his days building commercial partnerships, interacting with investors and the board, and leading the Hivemind team to new heights of success.

Dan holds a first-class degree in Modern History, a MStd in Historical Research, and a DPhil in History, specialising in eighteenth-century historical voting patterns, all from the University of Oxford. 

Before Hivemind, Dan was Head of Research Data at Winton Group (and a member of the Research Management Board), where he led a team of data scientists in the exploration and collection of data. He was also involved in conceiving and creating the first fore-runner of Hivemind at Winton in 2014.

Dan spends his spare time writing and performing sketch comedy, and devising puzzles and games for his children. He takes (self-confessed) geekish glee in psephology (the statistical study of elections and trends in voting), and more generally enjoys reading and ranting about British and American politics.