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efosa omorogbe, senior frontend/ux engineer

Efosa Omorogbe is a Senior Frontend & UX Engineer at Hivemind, where he works alongside an exceptional data science and engineering team to improve and evolve the user experience of Hivemind’s software platform.

Efosa took a year break from university to launch his own startup, then returned to graduate with a BA in Graphic Design. He’s been a freelancer for over ten years working with a number of advertising agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather (Ogilvy) where his digital design work helped them secure Ernst & Young (EY) as a client. He also worked with Ogilvy’s creative directors to launch the NHS Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up with Disney campaign, which won two Silver Data & Marketing Association (DMA) awards in 2015.

Efosa loves music and has an extensive iTunes library that’s meticulously organised by playlist genres he’s hand-crafted to suit every emotional state-of-mind. He is an enthusiastic learner—and is self-taught in coding, drawing and animation. He also enjoys basketball, and from time to time he writes poetry.