Use Cases

Hivemind is a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables clients to solve complicated data problems and create valuable, proprietary datasets using a combination of computational methods and distributed human intelligence. We see this “man and machine” approach as the key to providing a flexible, pragmatic, and powerful solution to a range of data collection and management problems found across a broad range of organisations.


Data Collection

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Data is more useful when it’s


Transform internal documents, news archives, technical reports, social media sites, images, videos and other unstructured sources into unique structured datasets aimed specifically at the analysis that matters to you.

Data Cleaning

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Data is more Useful when it’s


Set up systematic and efficient data quality processes which benefit from algorithmic error identification and human verification, without using manual time within your team.

Data Mapping


Data is more useful when it’s


Link datasets together accurately and at scale, even if your data doesn’t have unique identifiers.


Data Enrichment


Data is more useful when…

you know what it is

Create accurate, unbiased training data for the development of supervised machine learning algorithms.

Data Processes


Data is more useful when it’s

easy to manage and up to date

Reduce the burden of data management and operational processes by routing tasks to the most appropriate human workforce